Every Cabins to Castles project is specifically designed in keeping with the requirements of the land, local, state and federal regulations and the needs and desires of our client. We are especially gratified when clients take the time to express their pleasure and satisfaction with our work.
Dear Karen,                                                                                                    
Thanks again for your help with the CEO and the tremendous 
job Cabins to Castles did. People are raving about your work!!
Sincerely, Janet L.                                   Peabody Pond, Naples, ME
Dear Lisa,
Thanks to Karen, your wonderful crew and you, Lisa, for everything, including fitting us into
 your busy summer schedule. I appreciated both of you taking the time to teach me a little more 
about woodland gardening and hope the rest of your summer offers many delights as you tend 
to the Earth's beauty and all the rest that is involved in your business All the best, Sue C.    
                                                                                                                   Sebago Lake, Raymond, ME
Dear Lisa,
Thank you for doing such a super job with the landscaping! We get lots of compliments from our friends and neighbors, and we are very pleased with it ourselves. I was just looking through some old photos and I can hardly believe how dull and open it used to be! Thanks again! 
Helen                                                                                      Five Kezars, Waterford, ME
Karen and Lisa,
Thank you for doing such a wonderful job!  I never realized how much 
I hated the pump house until it was gone. The rest of the lawn looks 
great too!
Kim A.                                                                  Long Lake, Naples, ME
Karen and Lisa,
It was great fun to see you in the parade this morning, and we wanted to tell you we thought your float was terrific! Great idea, tossing seed packets and spraying cool water. The plantings were the best in the parade. Obviously Cabins to Castles has grown a bit in the past few years. Good for you!
Best Wishes, The Fullers                                                         Moose Pond, Denmark, ME
Lisa and Karen,
What a wonderful job! I just love it! Many thanks for your creative     design and execution. It certainly ties everything together!
Carol V.                                                                     Moose Pond, Denmark, ME
I want you to know how thrilled we are about your fabulous work on our shoreline! Thought you might like a picture of the day the last rock went down the chute!  Best Wishes, Ros and Mike G.                        Sebago Lake
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