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Community Support
Maintenance     (year round)
Excavation and Site Work
Erosion Control and Shoreline Restoration
Land Use Consulting
Our initial site visit to your property will help to identify and maximize 
its greatest potential - while giving you a comprehensive overview of any applicable federal, state and local regulations that may require permits and special attention.
Not only is soil erosion bad for the environment and lake quality, but it can also be a violation of government regulations; and it can destroy driveways, patios, and garden areas. Associates at Cabins to Castles are uniquely qualified to evaluate, control and restore eroded sites. We specialize in practical stabilization solutions.
Cabins to Castles seeks to create balance between lifestyles and 
the environment. Our belief is that a great landscape should be 
an intimate conversation with nature, that promotes the good 
health of the environment and meets your land use needs.
Enduring, well crafted and personalized stonework is another of 
Cabins to Castles signature elements. Patios, walls and walkways, 
boulders, stepping stones, and wet or dry river beds enhance our 
naturalized landscape designs and enrich your outdoor living spaces.
Certified at the state and federal levels, Cabins to Castles has the knowledge, experience and equipment to provide excellence in excavation and site work
from basic installation to completion of foundations, road construction and 
septic systems. Project phasing with best management practices and phosphorus control plans are a must at each of our sites.
Cabins to Castles broad range of work in ecologically sensitive areas often includes building fine docks, additions, decks, garages and homes where the environment, our customer's needs and the regulations do not immediately appear to be in alignment. We design and build synchronicity through careful   and thoughtful solutions.
Caring for your beautiful landscape is a year-round job and Cabins to Castles prides itself in attending to your outdoor needs. Spring and fall property clean-up, perennial bed and shrub care, arborist services, snow plowing and road sanding are but a few of our maintenance offerings to our valued customers.
Our home town of Denmark, Maine is an amazing community of people who volunteer hours of their time to make our community a better place to live. Cabins to Castles is proud to be able to pitch in with community activities 
and projects, such as the construction of the Denmark Bicentennial Park.
Cabins to Castles specializes in responsible development in ecologically sensitive areas. 
We offer a full range of services to meet your needs with the expertise and attention to detail that you deserve.
..    Knowledge...  Commitment...  Integrity...  At Your Service.
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